Method For Saving 3 Month Emergency Fund In 1 Year


When people are financially insecure, they are less likely to rock the boat.  Paycheck to paycheck living automatically induces a sense of complacency because instability could be disastrous for them.  That is why I believe that an essential component to any liberation struggle is good financial management.  Whether you choose to do that through pooling resources with friends and family or dropping out of the system all together, the ability to walk away from oppressive situations regardless of the financial benefits they try to bribe you with is key.  I think that’s why many people refer to their savings as their “Fuck You Fund”.  When you have resources, you can look at a situation that is doing you dirty and just say “fuck you” and walk away from it and know that you will be alright.

From all the personal finance books and articles I read, they recommend having at least 3 to 6 months of living expenses in your savings account as a cushion in case you run into any emergencies like a job loss or major repair bills, etc.  As someone who is a part of more than one marginalized community, I know that emergencies can take longer than that to recover from so I personally am shooting for 6 months to a year in my savings.  But as a starting goal, 3 months is attainable and doable in a year.  So here is my method for doing that.
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The Swandiver Test For Good Lesbian Movies


In 1985 Alison Bechdel created “The Bechdel Test” for movies in her comic strip “Dykes To Watch Out For”.  In that strip, a character only saw movies if they satisfied the following three things:

1.  It had to have at least two women in it.
2.  They had to be talking to each other.
3.  And that conversation had to be be about something other than a man.

This seems like a pretty simple task but if you are strict about it, even today your movie consumption would be cut in half at least.

For the past few weeks I have been obsessed with following the lesbian stories on YouTube and watching lesbian-themed movies.  I love how fans have edited shows so that I only have to follow the lesbian characters.  But now after this nearly month-long, Sapphic, gorging, recurring themes have come up that prove to be a bit disappointing.  This has lead me to create my own rule of sorts for lesbian movies and storylines.  And so I give you . . .
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Obligatory Apology Post #3


So I didn’t realize how long it was since I posted to this blog.  Life has been interesting.  First off, last month I had to have surgery to remove an endometrial cancer and this brush with ANOTHER serious illness has given me a new sense of purpose.  It has been my lifelong dream to travel internationally but I can’t do it if every other day I have to be hooked to a dialysis machine.  So I am doing my best to lose the weight so I can get on the transplant list.  Once that happens, you won’t be able to keep me in the US.  I feel like I have so much time to make up.

Along that same vein, I’m also actively looking for a girlfriend.  Or rather, I’m finally opening myself up to the possibility of love.  I’ve always been okay with being alone.  But lately that’s turned to loneliness and I don’t think that’s all that healthy.  Roadblock there is my crippling crisis of confidence.  I put up and OK Cupid profile but even though I’m not really looking for anything serious, I feel like I look horrible on paper and all the women that they match me up with are so smart, interesting, well-read and traveled.  I feel like a rube.  Also, I’m apparently needing to move to Brooklyn to find someone.

And I need to write more.  I actually feel compelled lately.  So I’m am going to try and post on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.  It’s going to be a mix of ramblings and rants like this and more formal pieces I as search around and try to find my voice.  Feedback from anyone reading this would be much appreciated.

So bye for now and hopefully not for long.

A Kiki with Michael Sam

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Originally posted on BlaQueer:

Michael Sam

Let’s Have A Kiki

“I’m sorry; did I answer your question right?” Michael Sam’s voice is not necessarily soft, nor is it smooth but what it is, is respectful and earnest. This is at least the third time he has worried if his answer to my questions are correct. “It is fine; just think of this as us having a kiki in a cafe.” Instantly Sam’s brow furrows, he briefly squints his eyes and asks, “A what?” The language is foreign to him. “A kiki. It is black gay slang for when friends get together to laugh and talk, basically it’s shooting the shit.” His brow releases its wrinkles and he slightly smiles, “Oh; I thought you said ‘kinky.’ I was like, ‘what’? A ‘kiki’? I have never heard of that?” The fact that he didn’t speak the language was not shocking to me; I had my suspicion…

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Moving From Scolding To Solutions – Reframing the dominate discussion of victim blaming.


Just some of the common finger wagging memes

There is a disturbing trend in black online media.  At a time when we should be using this amazing technology to exchange ideas, resources, and useful information to aid in our liberation and growth, we are scrambling to tell other black people just how awful we are.  Apparently the fact that a 400 year old social/political/economic structure designed to keep African-Americans subservient is spending billions of dollars a year to maintain the status quo is all the fault of poor black people.  Listening to the black so-called intellectuals on the web, all of our problems could be solved if we all just made better personal choices.  Here’s a few reasons why that is all BS.
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HELP!! Torrent Downloads Have Stopped Working!


I have used Bittorrent for years and never had a problem until yesterday.  Now all each torrent says is “Connecting To Peers” and isnt’ downloading anything.  I’ve done a Google search and have spent the last two hours trying every solution suggested and still nothing.

Here’s what I did so far:

1.  Uninstalled and reinstalled Bittorrent 2x.

2.  Checked to make sure Windows Firewall was allowing stuff through to the application.

3.  Deleted the “settings” files from the App Data folder.

4.  Installed uTorrent instead.

5.  Downgraded to the 1.8.5 version of uTorrent.

6.  Checked port settings and lowered global settings.

If there is anything else anyone out there can think of doing, please leave it in the comments.  Please!

Newsflash!: Louisiana Redneck Anti-Gay & Clueless About Race


I originally wrote this as a Facebook post as the only thing I was going to say about the whole “Duck Dynasty” non-issue but it came out better than I expected so I’m posting it here as well.

Mainstream America has a love affair with rednecks and Southern culture.  A love affair that curiously seems to intensify in times of increased racial tension like now.  From “Gone With The Wind” to “The Andy Griffith Show” to “Blue Collar Comedy” America loves to watch the aw shucks antics of characters like Larry The Cable Guy.
But selective memory helps them forget that Southern culture is shaped by 250 years of formal slavery, almost 100 years of the legal apartheid system of Jim Crow that ended only 1 generation ago, government sanctioned domestic terrorism through lynchings and police killings, egregious economic exploitation, and intense participation in the prison industrial complex that thrives today.
The only people shocked that a Southern redneck is anti-gay and clueless about race are the people who are emotionally/psychologically invested in the mass delusion.  Now, to quote another folksy piece of pop culture glorifying the South, “That’s all I got to say about that.”