Systematic racial oppression is horrible.  It permeates every aspect of social/economic/civil life in this country.  But as I have stated in other posts, racism is ultimately a tool of capitalism because it creates a permanent underclass that simply uses different skin tones as it’s defining criteria.  As resistance to different aspects of the system has […]

ROI is the acronym for Return On Investment.  Your investment can be anything.  Whether it’s your time, energy, or money.  For the purposes of this post I want to talk about the millions of dollars in tithes black people pay to churches every week.  By biblical decree Christians are required to give 10% of their […]

When people are financially insecure, they are less likely to rock the boat.  Paycheck to paycheck living automatically induces a sense of complacency because instability could be disastrous for them.  That is why I believe that an essential component to any liberation struggle is good financial management.  Whether you choose to do that through pooling […]

In 1985 Alison Bechdel created “The Bechdel Test” for movies in her comic strip “Dykes To Watch Out For”.  In that strip, a character only saw movies if they satisfied the following three things: 1.  It had to have at least two women in it. 2.  They had to be talking to each other. 3.  […]

So I didn’t realize how long it was since I posted to this blog.  Life has been interesting.  First off, last month I had to have surgery to remove an endometrial cancer and this brush with ANOTHER serious illness has given me a new sense of purpose.  It has been my lifelong dream to travel […]

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Michael Sam Let’s Have A Kiki “I’m sorry; did I answer your question right?” Michael Sam’s voice is not necessarily soft, nor is it smooth but what it is, is respectful and earnest. This is at least the third time he has worried if his answer to my questions are correct.…

There is a disturbing trend in black online media.  At a time when we should be using this amazing technology to exchange ideas, resources, and useful information to aid in our liberation and growth, we are scrambling to tell other black people just how awful we are.  Apparently the fact that a 400 year old […]

I have used Bittorrent for years and never had a problem until yesterday.  Now all each torrent says is “Connecting To Peers” and isnt’ downloading anything.  I’ve done a Google search and have spent the last two hours trying every solution suggested and still nothing. Here’s what I did so far: 1.  Uninstalled and reinstalled […]

I originally wrote this as a Facebook post as the only thing I was going to say about the whole “Duck Dynasty” non-issue but it came out better than I expected so I’m posting it here as well. Mainstream America has a love affair with rednecks and Southern culture.  A love affair that curiously seems […]

I have cable.  Not by choice.  If it was up to me, the only thing I would be paying my cable company for is broadband access and wait until show comes on Netflix, Hulu or Bittorrent and save a hundred bucks a month.  However, the people I’ve been living with the past few years insist […]