Dear URB, I want my magazines.

I like music.  I mean I really like music.  I listen to all kinds of music but my favorite, as a child of Hip Hop, is the melting pot of bass flavored gumbo called “urban alternative”.  Imagine my pleasent surprise when I discovered URB, a magazine that catered to just that kind of music.  And it kind of gives you a rush to find out about music before everyone else who just listens to commerical stuff then turning them on to something they might not have considered.  Besides, from what I’ve seen of the magazine, it looks really well designed.

So after a few years of checking out the website, I decide to plop down my $10 this December, go to the website and subscribe.  I was a little taken aback after I paid and they said that the next issue I’d recieve would the the Feb/March issue but then remembered that it only came out 6 times a year.

Well, here it is April 4th and I have yet to receive anything from URB.  I go to the site and there is no email contact, no offical masthead to hold someone responsible and just a West Coast phone number with hours that would put me either asleep or at work. Maybe that puts me out of their ulta-cool demographic but it also puts them out free exposure.  If I still liked their magazine, I had at least 5 people I would have gifted subscriptions to.  Passionate, innovative, music lovers.  Oh well.  I guess they’ll get around to sending those magazines someday.

One comment

  1. Inexcusable. I will find out what happened ASAP. Subscriptions are handled by a third party obviously, so we don’t have direct oversight. E-mail me you address and I’ll send the most recent issue personally.

    Joshua Glazer
    Editor – URB Magazine

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