Seattle, Portland here I come . . . Eventually

The Pacific Northwest always seemed to this liberal Northeast woman like an American Nirvana.  From a distance it appears like it embodies all that was good about my neck of the woods (civic involvement, a love of and emphasis on education and intellectualism, larger pockets of tolerance) with none of the pitfalls (excessive pollution, overpopulation, extremely high cost of living).  I have always talked about moving there but always found reasons why I couldn’t go (especially since fat people have to by two plane tickets).  But that’s all changed.

My job, having picked the week I’ll be on vacation, has given me a blessing in disguise:  a chance to actually plan a vacation.  Given that the only reason I’m staying in Massachusetts is access to good colleges that I may never get into, an exploratory misson to check out both Seattle and Portland seemed practical.  I’ve added some key tags to my surfer and have begun to research how best a working class intellectual (and I do stress working class) like myself could make it out there.  If anyone comes across this post, please feel free to leave comments with suggestions.  I’ll be in the area September 20th – 26th.

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