I’m trying to build it. I hope they come.

Because I usually work about 60 hours a week at night it’s hard to really hang out at night.  This makes it hard to find and meet other lesbians.  That’s saying something living in western Massachusetts.  I could go to Northampton but the self-righteous liberalism of overprivileged academics gets to you after awhile.  I also just be bitter that I can’t get laid around there without a Phd.

Anyhoo, I decided to create a monthly meet and greet for area lesbians that don’t neccessarily get all hot and bothered over the socio-pedagogical history of academic feminist discourse.  It’s a local pool hall that’s located downtown (Smith’s Billiards) that I just want to deluge with lovely queer women.  I know there’s some phrase for it, but I like to call it Q-bombing.

Then also this week is Northampton Pride.  I have to work that night so I can only stay for the parade.  Me and my friend Jim are going up for breakfast and shopping then to catch the parade.  I saw on their website that Rachel Maddow (yum) is going to be at the rally.  My only misson is to get my picture taken with her.

Hopefully there’ll be photos.  TTFN

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  1. robert hollins · · Reply

    i’ve written( not really written but provided a premise) a dissertation leveling the need for homosexuality as tonic in the ever-more exasperating culture of need satisfaction. it’s a one page-er with anecdotal improvisations, adendums, and importantly serious underpinnings classifiable as a minority report

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