Charity That Really Fills The Gaps is probally the best charity idea I’ve seen in a long time.  I have often tried to express (maybe not here) how devastating something like your car breaking down, a medical issue or really anything outside your normal budget can be to working class people living paycheck to paycheck.  This organization helps people who make too much money to qualify for government assistance but not enough to really get by if something happens.

The best thing about it is the way you donate.  Approved applicants have their profile put online anonymously.  You can search by need or by area to find applicants near you.  You pick which person you want to help and how much you want to help them.  There’s even a status bar to tell you how close to their goal they are.  I think I want to donate.  To think I was saving to donate to public radio.  This will do real good.

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