Ding Dong The Bigot’s Dead!!

I’m sure I’m going get people saying things like I shouldn’t speak ill of the dead or that he was a complex man yada yada yada.  But I’m glad he’s gone.  Maybe now, if there’s any justice in this Universe, there’s some sort of higher power that he’ll have to answer to.

I lived in North Carolina for 13 years.  Thankfully not the eastern part but Charlotte where money makes you lose your morals, not so much hate.  I was a young Democrat volunteering for the first Gantt/Helms Senate race when the infamous “you lost your job to a minority” ad came out.  I was a senior in high school when we went on a Close-Up Washington trip and had to meet our Senators Helms, and Faircloth who spent the time ignoring the black kids and arguing over who was the most conservative (the black kids from Charlotte eventually wandered off after the photo and met some diplomats from Senegal).

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