Evangelicals and Vegans – Are they reading the same playbook?

Don’t get me wrong.  There could be something to this vegan/vegetarian thing.  Most of the ones I know don’t fit the stereotype of the anemic-looking, crunchy skeleton.  In fact, a lot of them look rather healthy, at least five to ten years younger than their age (even the white ones).

The only annoying part seems to be their constant griping about how we omnivores are callous because we won’t bow down to their superior dietary choices or accomodate them at every single venue and opportunity.  I do respect their choices most of the time.  For example, most of the recipes I collect have notations for vegan and vegetarian alternatives.  Though there are times when a particulary preaching vegan makes me want to shout, “Hey, I didn’t put a gun to your head and make you stop eating meat!  I didn’t come into your house or a vegan restaurant and demand a porterhouse cooked bloody rare so get off my case!”  I mean, a Jewish or Muslim person wouldn’t walk into a BBQ joint demanding something kosher or halal.

Let me reiterate; I do not believe all vegans are like this.  You have to admit that there are many out there whose need to convert us omnis borders on the fanatical.  They advocate with a zeal seldom found outside fundamentalist Christian circles.  In fact, I bet if you go to any evangelical blog and switch the word “Satan” with “meat” and the “christian” with “vegan”  there would not be that much difference between the posts.


  1. As a vegan, and hopefully not one that comes across as vegangelical, I have to agree that the vegan zealots do give us a bad rap. Now, don’t get me wrong – it would be great if everyone would give up meat…but I’m realistic in the fact that could probably never happen. And just like I disagree with others trying to push their beliefs on me, I try not to push my beliefs on others – now my vegan cupcakes on the other hand…I’m a pusher. But my veganism is MY choice..if someone wants to know about it I’ll tell them. But it’s THEIR choice if they want to pursue that lifestyle – and if other vegans would grasp that concept, I think more people would be receptive, or at least tolerant/accepting, of our choices. Of course, everyone gets on a pedestal of their beliefs and can go off from time to time..but for the most part I think people need to just obtain info and make an informed decision, whatever that may be.

    1. poornima · · Reply

      Yes, veganism is your choice. Buy, the mass abuse against animals in a sin. It is not just about food and health, but the suffering of billions in the most inhumane conditions. Visit Farm Sanctuary and go to their website. The fasted growing field in psychology is animal cognition. Our schizoid attachment to animals…a pig in many ways is as intelligent as a dog. Would you eat your dog? They are sentient, intelligent beings. 50 years, if we’re lucky, we’ll look back and see how barbaric we were. Don’t forget, evangelists were not a big part of civil rights movement. Check out book A Call to Compassion-Religious Perspectives on Animal Advocacy. Ethics? Morality? Prevention of suffering-do those not count in the Christian world. Like many issues in the past, like slavery, civil liberties regardless of sexual orientation, taking the chains of animals (they do have their own self-hood)…How much do you know about animal cognition? Did you know that the raven is one of the smartest creatures in the world? That animals cry? That chickens when injured and are on the barn floor are usually accompanied by one of the other hens or a rooster while they are suffering? Is your choice to eat what you want preclude inhumane suffering to another sentient, intelligent creature?

      1. This is a post that I wrote almost 3 years ago. One I had almost forgot about until I saw poornima’s comment on my dashboard. Since then I had have come to realize that post was simply a knee jerk reaction to my own sublimated sense of guilt over eating meat that I KNOW is the product of pain and suffering.

        Yes, I could and have looked for meat that was raised in the most humane conditions possible (it’s all over the place here in western Massachusetts) but at almost $10lb I’m not going to insult anyone’s intelligence that I am buying that. As an unemployed person barely scraping by that is not a viable option.

        The only thing stopping me from being vegan right now is my kidney failure. I’m working with a nutritionist now to figure out how to navigate getting the proper nutrition while keeping my potassium level down (and potassium is in EVERY healthy thing it seems). It is my hope that i will have made the transistion to completely vegan by the end of the summer.

        The main impetus for my decisions believe it or not, are the same type of preachy motherfuckers that I railed against in the post. More specifically Allison Kilkenny and Jaimie Kilstein over at Citizen Radio. It’s one of the best political podcasts out there for progressives and ardent vegans. Check them out.

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