Bridget McManus: Just As Sexy As Angelina But Funnier And . . .

 . . . much more likely to go down on you.  Yes.  Swandiver has a new celesbian crush and this one is not with a man or aquiring third world children quicker than an 1830 cotton plantation.  She’s a stand up comic who’s funny (though timing needs just a tiny bit of work).  If you really want to see her in top form, check out the numerous vlogs that she’s in all over the place but mainly concentrated on where she hosts her own called “Brunch with Bridget”.  Not only does she have great guests but I basically lost my job because I would sneak and watch it at work when I couldn’t get internet at home.  Nothing says “goofing off” more than looking over your shoulder and seeing your supervisor staring at you totally engrossed in lesbian pillow fighting.

I’ve included in this post some videos I found on YouTube From that gives you an idea of what she’s like.  Her vlog is on hiatus until the end of the month but check past episodes anyway.

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  1. this is excellent

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