Sleazeball Tatics Of Republicans Prove They Have No Shame

Believe me.  I’m no ally to the Republicans.  But most of my disagreements with them are on fundamental policy issues.  Being a radical progressive, me and most people on the right tend to look at the world differently.  I understand that.  I respect that.  And while I always hope, for the good of humanity, that my worldview will prevail I also understand that in a real democracy there is a give and take, debate and compromise.

However it seems that with every election cycle, rather than have an honest though heated discussion concerning very real questions about what our country stands for, where is our country going and how to fulfill the American Promise for future generations, the Republicans stoop to half truths, frat boy pranks and tactics (though what are you to expect from a party of frat boys) and outright lies.  This would not be so bad it the Republican ticket did not insist at every stump stop that they are the party of honor and traditional American values.

The icing on the cake?  A vice presidental choice that could not be more vapid, robotic and therefore insulting not just to women but to the American public as a whole.  I don’t want to get too much into Susan Palin because there will be a whole other post on her.  I could write pages alone on how she pimped her pregnant daughter for airtime or question whether her daughter really had a “choice” given her mother’s very public anti-choice stance or even how the options open to the well-to-do daughter of a state governor are vastly different than the ones open to a poor 17 year old with little education or family support.  But I digress.

In this post I have embedded a video.  It’s a passionate response by the actress/activist Rosie Perez to the blatant disrespect the Republicans use when they talk about Barak Obama’s community organizing service. 

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