Still Undecided Voters? I Call BullSh*t!

There is less than 1 month until the presidential election. If you believe all of the talking heads in the news, the next four years will be a crucial turning point either for the better or for the worse.

Also, for the first time since 1980, we have two major party candidates that actually offer a real difference in policy. While those on the right and left may believe that their candidates do not go far enough to whatever view they hold, there are two distinct and clear paths this country will go down depending on who wins. And yet, this close to the election, with the weight of history bearing down upon us, a sizable number of Americans are telling the media and pollsters that they’re still undecided. WTF?

It’s not like Obama and McCain haven’t been running for the better part of two years. It’s not like they haven’t already had two debates, picked their running mates, been interviewed numerous times in countless outlets, put up websites and had everything they’ve said or done on the campaign trail vetted by every media outlet from the left to right wing. What else do you need? A personal fucking visit from each guy to sit around your kitchen table and make their case.

I’ve come to believe this phenomenon of the undecided American voter at this stage is nothing less than willful, deliberate ignorance. I’m betting that if you asked these same people to explain who’s in whatever sports playoff there is they’d know. If you asked them who won American Idol this past season, they’d know. Yet parsing out the differences between two major party candidates, differences that will have life-changing effects for all of us somehow makes them look like a deer in headlights. Then they try to explain with such conviction why it’s not their fault they haven’t got a clue.

Is this just one more symptom of America’s rampant anti-intellectualism? Historically the poor and oppressed (especially African-Americans) recognized that education and knowledge of the system were the only tried and true methods that brought real equality and power.  Now it seems most of us wear the “Dumbass” label like a badge of honor.  I still wonder why people cheer when they are referred to as “Joe Six-Pack”.  Isn’t she just calling you a poor, uneducated alchoholic?

At this point, I don’t care who you support.  Just grow a pair and take a fucking stand.

One comment

  1. mariestacey · · Reply

    Lol, I agree with you 100%.

    “At this point, I don’t care who you support. Just grow a pair and take a fucking stand.” So true. The ignorant and the cowards are still undecided. The informed at least support SOMEONE. Good post.

    I can tell our views are different, but I still think you’re sending a good message. GET INFORMED AND PICK A CANDIDATE.

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