My Cover Song Obsession

[mixwit_mixtape wid=”c86e4496bade097c7ef84383b4067b08″ pid=”d8f028c4e26d58f698d2dfbe49d1ef6d” un=”swan_diver” width=”426″ height=”327″ center=”true”]

Any one who knows me knows that I love music.  It’s not just one kind either, I have about 200GB of music in almost every genre known to the mediocre American palette.

A subset of this love is the cover song.  Covering songs, especially popular ones, is an art unto itself.  It is more than mere imitation.  Good covers are a contemporary filter through which timeless, universal human truths are pushed through to modern relevance.

The mixtape above contains some covers of popular songs with a slightly different take.  While there are more I wish to add, the service is dependent on servers with a very narrow selection of songs.  I posted them for your enjoyment.  Please feel free to leave comments with other suggestions.

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