I Miss Hip Hop

I am a child of hip hop but as the years go by I find myself listening to less and less of it.  I’ve lost track of who’s putting out what album and couldn’t tell you Young Jeezy from Plies.  Sometimes I try to act all superior and explain all the reasons that hip hop has failed me.  But it’s half-hearted and no matter how gay I am or how much I like Bikini Kill or Sleater Kinney or Tribe 8, that music will never give me the same feeling I got hearing Public Enemy for the first time.  Nothing can be as “Fuck You!” as DMX.

There can be a lot of arguments said about the following video.  For instance:  Is Hip Hop really dead because a bunch of white hipsters says it is?  Is it dead because Nas says it is?  Is Hip Hop dead because the music and culture became commodity without branching into enough authentically viable alternatives?  Whatever you think, these guys are funny and made a salient point.


Maybe it’s just the old geezer in me that had to walk the metaphorical three miles in the snow uphill both ways but I miss what Hip Hop culture used to be.  The gangsta, the b-boy and the backpacker all finding a place on the charts and the playlists.

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