Two Examples Of Why I Love Margaret Cho (And Now Amanda Palmer)

Being unemployed means that you have way more time on your hands than you know what to with. Perfect for wandering aimlessly around the Internet. Free association is the rule of the day during those times. Today I ended up on YouTube looking at Margaret Cho videos.

The following video took place at an Amanda Palmer performance. Amanda brings out a Katy Perry look alike (I’m pretty sure it’s a man) who lip synchs to “I Kissed A Girl” before being accosted by Margaret Cho with a strap on and being forced to make out with Amanda (who really needs to be forced?). All of this culminates into a Fuck Prop 8 statement. Hilarious and fun.

This next video was at some benefit in San Francisco to stop American Apparel and other big box stores from coming into a historic neighborhood. Have you ever had this situation?

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