Random Sexiness #2

This piece of video pushes all the right buttons for queer sexiness.  Schoolgirl outfits?  Check.  Hot dancing ladies?  Check.  Stripping?  Check.  Ironic ’80’s power rock ballad?  Check.

These are the Wau Wau (pronounced Vow Vow) Sisters performing at the Zipper Factory for one of Julie Goldman’s Offensive Women shows.  I came across them looking for new videos with Julie Goldman who I think is one of the funniest people to come down the pike in the last 10 years.

While watching this, I kept wondering where I heard their name before.  Then it hit me.  Shortbus!  If you’ve ever seen the movies, they were the women hanging from the trapeze at Shortbus itself.  Take a look at the pick below.


Shortbus is one of my litmus test movies.  Friend potential if you’ve heard of it.  Inner circle potential if you’ve seen it.  Marriage potential if you loved it as much as me and the potential to have me as your devoted slave for life if you can hold your own in my “Soda Shop” sing alongs.

Want to learn more about the Wau Wau Sisters?  Take a look at this profile video.

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