The More Things Change . . .

When I was 12 years old, most girls in my junior high school drooled over Tiger Beat pictures of River Phoenix, the Bloom brothers or Johnny Depp (circa 21 Jump Street).  My school was really white.  I, on the other hand, let my nerd flag fly with a full-on girl crush for Wil Wheaton, aka Wesley Crusher from Star Trek:  The Next Generation.


Fast foward 20 years and I have a new celebrity crush.  While there is one big difference, there’s an eerie resemblence.


What can I say?  I have a thing for nerds that can A) build me a mini-tractor beam from scratch and B) parse out the geo-political implications of a knuckle-dragging CPAC goon’s views.

Looking back, a teenage Wil was the closest thing one could get to a baby butch and still have a penis.  I’m writing this up in the “Why didn’t I know then” column.


  1. lol, i totally preferred wil over those other guys too! i guess i should’ve known, too! the resemblance is pretty scary… i hadn’t noticed before, but now i won’t be able to watch her without imagining she’s aboard the enterprise!

  2. OMG..wife and i wanted to see what the opposite view was saying..thought we were watching that stupid show..SOUP??
    Terrible.low budget presentation..worse poor wonder no one is watching.
    Terrible stuff..
    I s She..He?? Pheeww..
    Really bad stuff.
    Back to FOX.
    Better get a new host..and guest!!
    Pheeww..aweful stuff

    1. Yes, maybe Faux News would be a better fit for you. All the bright colors and graphics will help distract you from the thinking too much (or thinking at all) about the lack of actual news and factless propaganda. I mean, all The Rachel Maddow Show has to offer is actual policy analysis and actual, fact-based arguments detailing right-wing political and moral hypocrisy.

    2. Alexandra · · Reply

      Your comment contains idiocy expected of a FOX viewer. Your lack of punctuation and nonexistent sentence structure suggests low educational achievement. If you are the type of republican that knocks up a girl at 18 and marries straight out of High school, then I urge you to have what time you have left to change your views for the better. If you’re the long-married type of Repub, then I understand your predicament– misunderstanding, conservatism and the ‘fingers in ears’ approach all come with advanced age.

      As you no doubt have not had the opportunity to learn, MSNBC remain relatively low budget because they did not receive billions of dollars in ‘contributions’ during the Bush years- Not simply for ‘coincidentally’ contradicting the Bush Agenda. Something that you no doubt do not know is that FOX News CEO Rupert Murdoch is an ex-Republican Presidential strategist, something that manifests very obviously in FOX News’ virtually transparent Republican ‘strategy’.

      Back to Fox with you, cretin.

      And while it is not uncharacteristic of someone weaned on the FOX rhetoric to make a ‘low blow’ such as disputing Rachel’s good looks, I’m afraid the gruel you’ve offered is unprecedentedly thin. She is in fact beautiful.

      In (your) layman terms, “Shit’s weak bro. U mad?”

      1. I approved the comment because I believe in creating an open forum. However, your comment came dangerously close to flaming and I just don’t want a heated debate to decay into mindless insults.

      2. hahah, liberal idiots. I feel sorry for you and and your warped minds.

      3. See Alexandra, case in point.

      4. Alexandra · ·

        Not surprisingly, thats what we think of you, too.

  3. haha this is great, i love rachel!

  4. Rachel is Beautiful, and sweet I too have a major crush

  5. Michel Dugue · · Reply

    I watch you almost every night. I think you are
    One of the smartest polical female figures that ever walked this Earth.
    You are so articulate, and bright you blow my mind, I like how you stand your your ground
    Against all those right wing Republicons,
    I wish you would run for office, because I wld
    Vote for you.
    I like the fact that you’re Gay, & you don’t hide it.
    I’m probably your #1 fan in the free world..
    If you’re ever in the Chicago area plz let me know, I wld love to go & see you..
    Sincerely yours,

    Plz say hi to the rest of possies!!!!!!

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