Check Out My Radio Stations

Why I haven’t heard about Pandora sooner is anyone’s guess.  I stumbled upon it by accident looking for an internet music station to listen to at work this past Monday and have been working with it ever since.  The site utilizes something they called the Music Genome Project to help you customize your own station by choosing artists and songs which they then match up with like stuff which you can accept or reject.  The only down side is that if you listen to anything too far off the beaten track, they don’t have the tracks or artists.  So far I’ve created three stations with more to fit my various moods.  You can check them out by going to my radio stations and read their descriptions below.  If you go there, be sure to leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Outside the “Black” Box – This station is a response to a conversation that happened a few years ago when I was selling bootleg CD’s in upstate NY.  This trashy white girl was looking through my stuff and going on about how she only listens to black music.  I resisted the urge to inform her that black was a color and not a genre of music and just told her that I had the new Angie Stone.  She gave me a puzzled look and asked me who the hell Angie Stone was.  I just packed my shit up and walked away.  She truly thought she was well versed in black music but all her knowledge came from BET and MTV.  There is way more to the music black people make than Beyonce and TI.  This station aims to showcase the largest variety of black music possible from punk and rock to blues, hip hop, old soul, Afropop, jazz, gospel and those that defy catagories with an emphasis on those not yet widely known with some original groundbreakers thrown in for good measure.

Chilly Groove – This was the first station I created.  I love Trip Hop and downtempo electronic music.  I also sprinkled some smooth Neo Soul in.  It plays artists like Portishead, Jamiroquai, Air, Floetry, Brand New Heavies and Frou Frou.

Ani DiFranco Radio – If I had my way, it would play nothing but Ani all the time but it doesn’t give me that option so I’m going to tailor it to focus on women singer/songwriters that I like.  I haven’t been working on this much so there’s been a lot more of it left to chance.

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