The Truth Commisson Distraction

Whether you call it torture or try to gloss it over by using the phrase “enhanced interrogation”, the fact is Americans have done horrible things to terror suspects. Now those on the left are calling on a Truth Commisson to get all of the information regarding this illegal activity. I’m highly skeptical of this.

The gist of truth commissons, based on South Africa’s of the 1990’s, is that people who testify about these events would be immune from prosecution as long as we get the information. Even if they committed acts that might be considered treasonous or impeachable.

So then the question I have to ask is this: Why do we have laws and a justice system if no one will ever be properly investigated and/or prosecuted? I feel the left is really dropping the ball on this and if we allow a truth commisson to take the place of proper justice procedures, our country’s collective psyche and our thin grasp on what democracy we have left will suffer in a way that might never recover.

This week it was Jesse Ventura who has cut through the partisan doublespeak and put in plainly here:

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