Tired of blatant, persistent discrimmination? Head for Northeast!

The LGBT got a loud and clear message today from the California Supreme Court.  In their eyes our lives, loves and families are less than those of straight people.  Oh, but make sure you pay your taxes on time.  There is absolutely no excuse for this and no reasonable defense.

But while fighting the good fight is noble and necessary, California is not your only option.  I am blessed to live in the first state to fulfill the Constituional promise to every citizen. We are bordered on almost all sides by states that do the same and those that don’t have gay marriages, reconize them when performed in other states.  California no longer deserves your loyalty, your tax dollars or your hard work and effort.

If you and your families came to Massachusetts, you would be appreciated (unless you’re black, there’s still some work that needs to be done on that).  Your political and economic life would not be held in some judicial/electoral limbo for years waiting for a bunch of bigots to have a change of heart.  I mean hell, I live in Springfield, 20 minutes from Northampton probally the quintessential lesbian Nirvana for the 95% that don’t live like “The L Word”.

Just as queers back in the day would issue boycotts of businesses that would discrimminate against us, what is preventing us from boycotting states that do the same.  Think about it.

Here again are the states that have gay marriage:

Massachusetts | Maine | Vermont | New Hampshire | Iowa | Connecticut

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