Welcome Everyone! First Installment of Book Club.

So, here it is.  The official kick-off of the book club dedicated to stories by and about black lesbians from around the world.  I’m very excited about this.

The book chosen is Linda Villarosa’s “Passing For Black”.

What the jacket says:

Being black, the right kind of black, was difficult.  It was like being in a cult — a secret society with rules as fluid as waves . . .

In the six years that Angela Wright has been with her fiance Keith Redfield, her life has settled neatly into place.  Keith, a professor of African-American history, has helped her become comfortable in her own skin.  And Angela’s career at Desire Magazine is thriving.  She’s got nothing to worry about — or so she thinks.

Angela’s best friend Mae is always there to ground her, whether they’re talking incessantly about their hair or gossiping about their rival Tatiana Braithwaite — a milk chocolate Barbie with beauty, breeding, and an irritating knack for perfection.  Mae reminds Angela how lucky she is to have found a successful, single brother.  But when a chance meeting leaves Angela consumed with desire for an intriguing stranger, she impulsively decides to follow wherever it may lead — from outrageous underground sex parties to intimate encounters that are both torrid and tender.

Now everything that Angela has come to believe about sex, love, identity, and race is called into question as this explosive new passion blows her world wide open . . .

Discussion schedule:

Chapters Prologue – 8:  July 10th

Chapters 9 – 16:  July 17th

Chapters 17 – 24: July 24th **Will also be announcing next book at this time**

Chapters 25 – Epilougue:  July 31st

The copy of the book I bought has about 15 great discussion questions in the back, but it assumes that we’ll be reading the whole book beforehand.  They’re great to use as a guide while you’re reading.  I’ve already started underlining points I would like to talk about with you guys.

As always, feel free to put your reading suggestions and any other thoughts in the comments below and be sure to spread the word.  I want as many voices as possible.  Happy reading!!


  1. Ketina · · Reply

    Hey Swandiver. I thought we were having it on Afterellen. Are we having it here? If so, I think we need to inform them. The actual first discussion is July 10th? Hey pm me on Afterellen ok?

  2. prof susurro · · Reply

    if the discussion is happening on Afterellen, can someone give me the link so I can change it on the posts about the group on my blog/participate myself. thanks.

    I look forward to hearing what others think about this one, as a professor in both disciplines represented, I’ll admit my read was likely more myopic than others.

  3. Discussion is not happening on AfterEllen. It will be happening here every Friday according to the schedule above. Sorry, I should have made that more clear.

  4. Lunakiss · · Reply

    Geez Thanks Swandiver. I’m pretty sure folks know now.

  5. Hello, Ladies-

    Glad to know discussions will be here instead of on AE. :0)

    Also, a quick correction: in the intro to ‘Passing…’ you stated Angela has been with her fiancee, Keith, for six weeks when they have actually been together for six YEARS.



  6. What time is the discussion today (July 10)? I may not be able to make it because I will go to work early.

  7. Lunakiss · · Reply

    When is the discussion held today,swandiver? I want to know too.

  8. Lunakiss · · Reply

    I’m ready to discuss

  9. Lunakiss · · Reply

    Okay I’ll start this thing off by saying I liked it and enjoyed reading it.
    What does the foreshadowing in the prologue indicated for Angela?

    1. Hey!

      Is anyone still here? If not I think the next step in getting things rolling is setting up a time. We have the days, now we need a time.

  10. Lunakiss · · Reply

    I’m here.shortypants

  11. Does anyone have the first question to start with?

  12. Lunakiss · · Reply

    Read my first question. What does the foreshadowing in the prologue mean?

  13. I am reading the prologue now?

  14. Ignore the question mark.

  15. My opinion on Lunakiss’ question: the labor could mean a new beginning for the main character. It could be possible she is not really pregnant. Also the ending of the prologue states: “but all of this was academic”. Maybe that explains about the fiance and Cait since both are professors. What do you think?

  16. Lunakiss · · Reply

    HAHAHA! We got two comment sections going on here. I’ll answer this one. I plan to answer swandiver’s questions on the prologue heading. Hey,Tara, read my response. I’m trying to round-up folks.

    The labor meant to me the beginning of an end of something. A new rite of passage.

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