Rachel Maddow corrects Pat Buchanan’s racist assertions.

There is a certain type of white person who will always try to deny the fact that America’s wealth is directly attributable to their reliance on slave labor and that white America’s elevated living standard is the direct result of conscience racial oppression that was often government sanctioned.  It is this denial, along with what I like to think of almost as a cultural sociopathy, that allows them to exhibit such indignation at “reverse racism”.  Pat Buchanan is the perfect example of this.

Here he is discussing Sonia Sotomayer’s confirmation hearings with Rachel Maddow.  I could describe it but you actually have to hear him to believe it.

After watching this, I thought Rachel was being a little too gracious, not calling him out on his facts.  I thought about writing a blog post about it but I am so, so, so, tired of corrected the misguided assumptions and boldfaced lies of racists who will never be convinced either way that I let it slide.  Last night though, Rachel redeemed herself in the following video rebuttal.  I could not have said it any better.

One comment

  1. Genius. I honestly could not have said this better myself. Seriously, if Pat has been here (I live and work in D.C.) then shouldn’t he know better? I mean, D.C. itself was DESIGNED by a black man!

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