Next Book Discussion

I can do nothing but apologize to you guys regarding the book discussion.  My life over the last two weeks has taken a swan dive (pun intended) into the amazingly craptastic and I’ve been a bit discracted.

I hope to have the wrap-up discussion of “Passing For Black” up by tomorrow night and it’s up to you guys whether you want to dive right into “The Other Side of Paradise” or wait until next Friday.


  1. Lunakiss · · Reply

    Next Friday is fine. Swandiver. Oh I hope your life gets better for you. =).

  2. I have already purchased Staceyann Chin memoir. I am reading it right now and I am almost finished. I cannot wait to for the discussion because I have some things on my mind about the writing as well as the memoir.

  3. Hey, Swandiver-

    I hope things get better. I’m here if you ever need to talk (you can find me on AE).

  4. prof susurro · · Reply

    I also hope things will start to get better.

  5. Nona j. · · Reply

    Hey Swan, no need to aplogize. Life happens. I hope everything turns around.

  6. Hi, Ladies-

    While we all hope that Swandiver’s sitation reverses itself to better and happier things, I would hate to see this book club wither on the vine. So, I think we should keep things going. If anyone thinks this is foul, I apologize-this is not my intent. If we all decide to take a breather until Swandiver can come back on board- OK but if we decide to move on, what are we reading? Are we doing The Other Side of Paradise? The Color Purple? The Serpent’s Gift? What are we doing?

    If anyone wants to hit me up you can reach me on AE. Just look up Shortypants.

    Love and peace to all,


  7. I would like to continue the book club. I have already purchased “The Other Side of Paradise” and have read most of it so it is fresh in my mind. I chose that memoir.

  8. Lunakiss · · Reply

    I’ve already read the book and would like to to do ‘The Other Side Of Paradise” too. I was waiting on swandiver. I guess we can get started on this book discussion. So who wants to lead?

  9. Alright. To start do I ask a question right away or what?

  10. prof susurro · · Reply

    it would be nice if we had a new post to work from outlining the section like we did before. I’ve tweeted the author to let her know we are discussing but didnt give details where and when. she has tweeted links to reviews/discussions of her book in the past.

  11. Well I definitely would like to continue this book club. To be honest, I may forget about it if nothing will occur with a new book within at least two weeks from now.

  12. Lunakiss · · Reply

    Heck, I’ll start the discussion on “The Other Side Of Paradise.” when I first saw the title,it intrigued me. I wasn’t sure what the title meant until I begun reading it. So I’ll ask as an opener,what were your impressions of the title before you read the book?
    Me, I thought it meant something sweet and better. I thought Ms. Chinn were going to take us to a paradise life.

    1. Thank you.
      My response to only the title is it is opposite of paradise. Since it is a memoir I knew it was going to be of StaceyAnn Chin’s life so far. But I did not know what; and I am not familiar with StaceyAnn Chin. I have heard and seen her poetry reading on DefPoetry Jam dvd a former friend had recently. So just with the title I knew the explanation of her life was not going to very well and positive.

    2. prof susurro · · Reply

      I didn’t think abt the title. I assumed it was a play on the idea of “island paradise” and Chin’s own forced alienation from Jamaica b/c of homophobia.

  13. prof susurro · · Reply

    Hi folks. I committed to writing a review of each of our books on my blog when the book group started. I’m happy to host discussion of Another Side of Paradise there starting on Friday, (and with Luna Kiss’ question as a starter) if you want. But I don’t want to host every book until swandiver comes back.

    It would be great if we all committed to taking on one of the books on our blogs and moderating discussion. It would take the pressure off of Swandiver and help drive traffic to everyone’s blogs.

    Either way. I’ll be posting my review on Friday (been holding off until discussion started up again).

    1. I do not have a blog. So I think it would be best to continue on this blog post but I can see an issue. This is SwanDiver’s blog. So we can have the book “The Other Side of Paradise” discussion on your blog. However I want to continue with the other books as well. So how would we would continue with the other books?

  14. prof susurro · · Reply

    I think you misunderstood, or I am misunderstanding you.

    I suggested rotating so that we actually have some ground to start with the way swandiver set up here, instead of just one long thread of diffuse comments for the next 11 books. I thought if we were all willing to take 1 or 2 books and host on our various blogs it would take some of the pressure off swandiver and give us some structure. I don’t want to, and can’t host on my blog for more than 1 or 2 bks total of the 12 we’ve chosen, nor would I suggest taking over someone else’s blog. Since I committed to my readers to write a review of each book we read once we’ve started discussing them I offered my space for this bk, not for all of them or in lieu of reading the rest of them in the future.

    I hope that’s clearer.

    If I misunderstood you, and not the other way around, I’m sorry for being redundant and need clarification.

    1. I do not know anything about blogging. And being honest, I am not interested in starting a blog either. Now I would not mind doing my best to help out with the book club in some way. I would like for organization and structure so individuals (readers) understand what the book club would include. Such as what you have suggested of using each others’ blogs for the book club, a list of the books, etc.

  15. […] The Black Lesbian Book Group is discussing this book now. The current discussion question from Luna Kiss is: what were your impressions of the title before you read the book? (Obviously this question is meant to go beyond Chin’s own statement that she was referring to the class divide in the town of Paradise where she spent her formative years.) Posted in black lesbian lit, black women, classism, feminism, gender, immigration, intersectionality, race, racism, sexism, sexuality. Leave a Comment » […]

  16. I guess that’s fine to do the discussion on the BLBG. I have blog but it’s for poetry and my other writings not for book discussions. I won’t be able to host or better I’ll pass on hosting the discussion on my blog site.

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