New Feature!: Taser Tuesdays

Ah, the taser*.  Touted by our friendly neighborhood police state as the “humane” alternative to gunning us down in the street, tasers have instead presented us with a whole new set of problems and abuses by law enforcement who practice predatory policing.  To make the point and to facilitate more discussion of this issue, I will highlight just one story about the government-sanctioned abuse of the taser by police each week.  I’m pretty sure I’m not going to run out of stories.

To start off, below is a video showing proof of a police officer tasing a man who was already subdued, with his hands on the hood of the car, presenting no threat whatsoever.  Upon further research, this case being so blatant, the police officer shown in video did lose his job.  But that is a rare case.  Stay tuned.

*  While “Taser” refers to a specific company, it has entered common usage for any device that uses electrocution to disable and subdue a person.

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