A Very Special “This American Life”

Click here to listen to the episode.

Riding around with my sister yesterday, I happened to turn to NPR and “This American Life” was on. It was on it’s last story of a cop in the NYPD who refused to manipulate charges to boost and/or lower numbers for the crime statistics. Being the type of person he is, he starts recording everything. Very damaging. When the top brass figures out what he’s doing, they have him committed to a psychiatric ward against his will.

This is something that I think everyone should listen to. My aversion to uniformed “law enforcement” officers tends to bend toward the rant end of the spectrum so when something so coherent and apparent comes up (i.e. police brutality videos) comes up, I like to make it available to as wide an audience as possible. I try to post it here, I post it to facebook and email it to friends.

Why? Because the role of the police in our community needs to be trained. Their disdain for our basic human rights has become so ingrained into police culture that nothing short of radical reorganization is needed.

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