I Don’t Think I Can Be In A Serious Relationship With A Woman With Kids.

To many people, that’s a horrible thing to say.  At my age (and let’s face it, my lack of strong relationship qualifiers) that’s seriously draining the dating pool.  Maybe I should amend that a little.  I don’t think I can be in a serious relationship with a woman who has kids that aren’t grown and self-sufficient.

Some people may interpret this statement as me disliking children.  That’s not true.  In fact I love kids.  In fact, it’s my love for children and my respect for the awesome responsibility it is to raise one that I decided at an early age not to have any of my own.  For the most part I find it highly selfish and neglectful to bring children into this world simply because the condom broke or because I want them with a particular person.

It is damn near impossible to love a woman and not love her kids.  Being a parent is an integral part of who she is and most women will tell you off top that to be with her is to be with her children.  But that emotional and psychological bond that you build with those children, no matter how strong it may seem to you, is always very tenuous.

I don’t think I could spend that kind of time and energy into contributing to the well-being of someone’s children only to have them ripped from me if the relationship doesn’t work out.  I’m too old and don’t have that many resources to begin with.

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