Stop Trying To Make FXX Happen!

I have cable.  Not by choice.  If it was up to me, the only thing I would be paying my cable company for is broadband access and wait until show comes on Netflix, Hulu or Bittorrent and save a hundred bucks a month.  However, the people I’ve been living with the past few years insist they need cable so I’ve been watching it.

One of my favorite shows of the last couple of years had been “Totally Biased” with W. Kamau Bell.  Not only did it give voice to real progressive people and views, it was funny as fuck.  It aired every Thursday night on the FX Channel but had recently moved to a 5 night format on FX’s new network FXX.  And that’s where the problem came in.

In order to get FXX, I would need to upgrade my cable package.  Since we am already paying more than I can really afford because my sister needs HBO and Showtime, the extra money required to upgrade to a tier that offers FXX essentially made it a premium channel.  And what would we get for this extra money besides Totally Biased?  Four of the eight shows highlighted on its website are reruns of popular shows available on Netflix.  The others are so monolithically white and niche it’s an insult that Totally Biased was the first one they axed.

You could argue that a new network goes through it’s ups and downs and the maybe the otherwise lackluster lineup (excluding both “Totally Biased” and Jim Jefferies’ “Legit”) is just a list of placeholders until they develop better programming.  But I feel they are making a huge mistake sacrificing Kamau’s show and the unique lineup of talent they could have developed for the sake of “Arrested Development” reruns.  Decisions like this means that FXX is either going to end or morph into some weird channel of infomercials and bad raunch comedies.

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