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Moving From Scolding To Solutions – Reframing the dominate discussion of victim blaming.

There is a disturbing trend in black online media.  At a time when we should be using this amazing technology to exchange ideas, resources, and useful information to aid in our liberation and growth, we are scrambling to tell other black people just how awful we are.  Apparently the fact that a 400 year old […]

Why Black Atheist Visibility Is Important

My nephews are each 9 years old.  They have known now for about a year or so that I don’t believe in God.  Except for a few brief conversations including one where J exclaimed, “I wish Auntie believed in God so she could be in heaven with me,” I thought they had gotten the concept. […]

Watch and Discuss #1 – What Happened to Hip Hop?

Below is a video from the 2009 Hip Hop Summit that the Nation of Islam leads every year to try and influence rappers to have more positive messages in the music.  Wise Intelligent, formerly of 1990’s hip hop group Poor Righteous Teachers, eloquently explains, as an industry insider, what he saw as the deliberate manipulation […]

Tyler Perry Makes Sh*t And That’s Okay

Black media and the blogosphere has been ablaze these past couple of weeks with news that Tyler Perry might be in talks to get his own television network.  Just google it and read the back and forth.  Perry elicits some very strong feelings. Many people think that this is just a natural progression for a […]

Staceyann Chin and the License of the F*ckable

This Tuesday night I sat, self-conscience, in an uncomfortable wooden chair, in the great room of Blanchard Hall at Mount Holyoke College to see Stacyeann Chin.  Early in 2006 I had discovered Ms. Chin’s work while scouring the Internet looking for black lesbian sites.  I quickly added her has a friend on Myspace and enthusiastically […]

Michelle Alexander: The New Jim Crow

If, like me, you were privileged enough to be raised by someone who encouraged me to actually study and understand race relations as it really is and not fall victim to the national mainstream delusions, much of the conclusions reached by Michelle Alexander in “The New Jim Crow:  Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” […]