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Stop Trying To Make FXX Happen!

I have cable.  Not by choice.  If it was up to me, the only thing I would be paying my cable company for is broadband access and wait until show comes on Netflix, Hulu or Bittorrent and save a hundred bucks a month.  However, the people I’ve been living with the past few years insist […]

Doing Good Things Vs. Being A Good Person

For the past couple of years I have been renting a room in the house of this couple.  Nothing really major going on or bad about it, just the quirks of adults (there are four of us) with vastly different personalities living in a relatively small space.  Recently that’s come to a head and I’m […]

I Don’t Think I Can Be In A Serious Relationship With A Woman With Kids.

To many people, that’s a horrible thing to say.  At my age (and let’s face it, my lack of strong relationship qualifiers) that’s seriously draining the dating pool.  Maybe I should amend that a little.  I don’t think I can be in a serious relationship with a woman who has kids that aren’t grown and […]

A Very Special “This American Life”

Click here to listen to the episode. Riding around with my sister yesterday, I happened to turn to NPR and “This American Life” was on. It was on it’s last story of a cop in the NYPD who refused to manipulate charges to boost and/or lower numbers for the crime statistics. Being the type of […]

ProtestWatch: Occupy Wall Street – September 17th Noon

A number of organizations have gotten together and decided that it was time to send a really powerful message a la Arab Spring.  They want corporate money out of government and they want to stop preferential treatment of corporations and the rich at the expense of every other American.  So they are hoping to get […]

Supporting Independent Media for $10/month

This is a post that I’ve been meaning to write for a long time and as usual I procrastinated.  However, I have just spent the last few weeks in and out of hosptials due to a nasty blood infection and dialysis catheter issues where the only source of news was CNN and other mainstream sources.  […]

I Need Feedback.

I love writing but I love discussion and the sharing of ideas even more.  I have at leat 5 half-finished posts that I want get done but would really appreciate knowing that they will actually be read.  According to my site stats, someone is visiting. Just please leave a quick comment, rate the post or share […]