I have used Bittorrent for years and never had a problem until yesterday.  Now all each torrent says is “Connecting To Peers” and isnt’ downloading anything.  I’ve done a Google search and have spent the last two hours trying every solution suggested and still nothing. Here’s what I did so far: 1.  Uninstalled and reinstalled […]

I originally wrote this as a Facebook post as the only thing I was going to say about the whole “Duck Dynasty” non-issue but it came out better than I expected so I’m posting it here as well. Mainstream America has a love affair with rednecks and Southern culture.  A love affair that curiously seems […]

I have cable.  Not by choice.  If it was up to me, the only thing I would be paying my cable company for is broadband access and wait until show comes on Netflix, Hulu or Bittorrent and save a hundred bucks a month.  However, the people I’ve been living with the past few years insist […]

For the past couple of years I have been renting a room in the house of this couple.  Nothing really major going on or bad about it, just the quirks of adults (there are four of us) with vastly different personalities living in a relatively small space.  Recently that’s come to a head and I’m […]

To many people, that’s a horrible thing to say.  At my age (and let’s face it, my lack of strong relationship qualifiers) that’s seriously draining the dating pool.  Maybe I should amend that a little.  I don’t think I can be in a serious relationship with a woman who has kids that aren’t grown and […]

Relax . . . this is just a picture of an oyster. A sexy, sexy, oyster. I just want to state for the record that my vagina has been on point for last couple of weeks.  Not that it hasn’t always treated me well but the fact that I’m noting how great it is now […]

In 1990 I had lived in Charlotte, North Carolina a little over a year and I was in the 9th grade.  That year there was a very important Senate race.  Long time incumbent/racist/homophobe/Republican Jesse Helms was defending his seat against the first viable Democratic canidate in years, Harvey Gantt.  Gantt was also black.  Now given […]